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Your Vehicle Is Speaking To You, Listen up

9 Vehicle Noises Meaning

You’re driving down the highway securely to see your family or get to work when you hear an odd noise coming from your vehicle.

No matter how skilled of a driver you are, you shouldn’t ignore any strange sounds coming from your vehicle. The following blog will provide some insight on the most common car sounds and what might be causing it.

peaking To You Listen up

In any event, it’s critical to get your can into Reliance Auto Mechanic so we can figure out what’s causing the noise and correct it. Not a Burlington resident? Learn more about how to choose the best mechanic in your area here.

When you Break, the Squeal of a Banshee

If you’re driving along and hear a high pitched squeal, this is a signal that the brake pad indication is pressing up against the rotor.

This noise is a sign that the brake pads have worn out and must be changed.

For more information on brake rotors and when to replace them, check out this blog

Rur Rur Rur!

If you hear this sound be careful! Your engine might not start tomorrow. This sound is a warning sign that your battery is running low.

Loud Roaring Sound

This sound is because of a failure of the exhaust system or the manifold. The muffler, a part of the exhaust system, is responsible for mudding any excessive engine sounds; if it fails, all engine sounds will spread throughout the car. Do not ignore this warning; a malfunctioning exhaust system might cause toxic carbon monoxide to enter the cabin.


Rattles coming from beneath your car suggest that something is loose or has wedged itself there.

Another cause of the rattling noise is a malfunction with the catalytic converter. A rattling sound originating from the engine compartment could be due to a broken water pump or a faulty timing belt. Rattles can be from a missing screw on interior trim pieces, worn window channels, or problems with roller tracks on doors and windows.

Screeching Coming from Under the Hood

Although you may not be aware of the timing belt’s importance or even existence in your vehicle until it suddenly stops while driving, let us tell you that it is one of the most vital pieces of your entire engine.

You’d be lucky if your timing belt slipped little and is not completely broken, since if it was, this massive damage repair cost is around $1500.


If you hear a low humming noise while driving, which gets louder and louder as you accelerate there could be a variety of issues with your vehicle.

  • There is a lack of lubricant
  • The transmission is failing
  • The wheels are worn.
  • The universal joints have seen better days


The cooling or vacuum systems are to blame for this noise. It could also mean that oil or coolant has gotten into the exhaust system or another hot engine part.

Another cause of the high-pitched hissing sounds is a leak in a vacuum line, hose, or fitting.

Ping Ping Ping

Don’t ignore the noises your car is making! Get to the mechanic repair shop as quickly as possible. This pinging sound, which sounds nearly like knocking, indicates a problem with the engine, which could be due to inadequate improper tuning or the use of incorrect gasoline. Furthermore, this clicking sound can be because of either low engine oil levels or low oil pressure.

Clicking, Popping, and Clunking

If you’re hearing these noises while driving straight, you’re most likely experiencing a bad CV joint in your suspension system. You might also experience some vibrations while driving if this is the issue.

Squeak Every Time you Turn

A little squeak is less worrying than a big groan but it is still an indication of a problem with the power-steering pump or another part of the system. It’s almost certainly a warning sign of low power-steering fluid or another steering wheel problem.

Rely on Reliance

Your vehicle is a symphony of sounds and movement, full of moving parts, and as the proud owner, you can probably tell when something sounds off. Pay attention to any weird sounds your vehicle makes as this is a way your vehicle can communicate with you and inform you that something is wrong with it.

It’s important to note that many of these noises can be caused by many different issues that we didn’t talk about today. Something smaller like a broken air conditioner might not cause long term harm to your vehicle; however, something like a broken serpentine belt should be attended to quickly. Leave the diagnosis and fixing to the experts at Reliance Auto Mechanic.

When you’re looking for the best auto repair company in Brampton, ON, make sure to contact Reliance Auto Mechanic. Technicians that are skilled,  well trained and who will give your wallet a break. Don’t put it off any longer; call 905 457 6550