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We Give New Life to Your Car!

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Welcome to Reliance Auto Mechanic

Our company offers the best auto repair services in Brampton, ON for the most affordable price. We designed our services carefully so that we can meet the requirements of all our clients. If you choose us, you will not only get a one-time auto repair service. Instead, you will get a partner that will never fail to fix your vehicle in the most professional way.

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Our Customer Reviews

Truly reliable and excellent customer service!! Prompt efficient services, and affordable prices. Very happy with Service!! I am especially grateful to Mohammed for his service and honesty!!! Thank you!!!!

M B Jan 1, 2021

Let me start by saying, I've worked in the automotive service industry my whole life and have recently retired. I was on my way to diner and then to my grandsons ball game when my cars serpentine belt let go. Called CAA they were there within minutes and towed me to Reliance Auto. They started working on my car right away, replacing the belt and alternator, which got damaged by the belt. Got the car finished right at closing time. Managed to grab a quick bite and make it to the game. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Reliance Auto, much appreciated.

Michael Turino Jul 7, 2024

Came in to have a part installed because of Mohamad's competitive pricing and great reviews. I am now having additional work done because he does great work and will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Stan Czekierda Aug 8, 2020

I recently had my tie rod replaced, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The team at Reliance Auto Mechanic went above and beyond to ensure everything was done with precision and care. Not only was the work completed efficiently, but the communication throughout the process was exceptional. My car drives like a dream, thanks to their expertise. Highly recommended.

Amanpreet Singh May 5, 2024

Reliance Auto Mechanic is hands down the best place to entrust your car's care. From their knowledgeable staff to their efficient service, every visit is a breeze. Especially the receptionist lady U.R., she goes above and beyond to ensure for you to get the best deal.They not only ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, but also provides top-notch repairs and maintenance at fair prices. I always leave feeling confident in their work and grateful for their expertise. Highly recommend!

Ayushma Shrestha May 5, 2024

Great service, thank you Mohamad and Abed for your help and high quality of work.

amir turk May 5, 2024

Whole right side of my car was scratched and needed repair. Moe got me in and out the same day and the professionalism was great!! Polish helped get rid of all scratches and the car looked brand new. Would definitely recommend!

Ali Abou-Khrebieh Apr 4, 2024

I like the fact that there was complete honesty with what is wrong in my car. They showed me the parts that are having problem before fixing it. This is totally different experience as oppose to a when I take my car to my dealership where I go for an oil change and end up getting $1000 bill just to change stuffs that are not even in the list of critically important changes. It was my first visit and so I will visit few more times to get complete faith in them, but as far as my first experience is concerned, it was great.

Vikrant Bhatt Apr 4, 2024

I was very happy with Reliance Auto Mechanic. I called and was able to bring in my CX5 right away. They were able to diagnose then fix and replace the parts quickly and efficiently. Fast service and very professional and friendly staff.

Rose A Apr 4, 2024

Service was prompt and efficient. Other issues to be addressed were also highlighted.

Keith Moses Apr 4, 2024

Best service and very professional and they will give best price and advice for repairs .

Divan Tavet Apr 4, 2024

Recommend this place to anyone and everyone. The team is great, courteous, and can work with all types of cars.

Idrees Quadri Apr 4, 2024

I bright my pick up truck here for a coolant issue. The problem was instantly addressed and instead of paying the dealer upwards of 3 k i left my truck overnight and all the work was done under 1000 bucks. I have gone back for commercial safety’s and small engine repairs. Very clean and professional. It don’t often leave reviews but was really happy with the over all service

Bilal Madda Apr 4, 2024

I messed up my truck over loading it but the mechanics here were very nice and straightforward with telling me what has to be fixed I went to a few shops due to it being a brand new truck and my baby in the end I went with the most honest mechanic and I did not regret it. this is now going to be my one and only shop for my truck and sedan they know everything about the cars they work on. I got back my brand new truck once again would 100% recommend this shop specially in a scary industry when you find a honest mechanic you stick with them thank you once again for the great work Mohammed and team!!!

Padrono Apr 4, 2024

Thank goodness for this mechanic, 10/10 skills very friendly and extremely reliable

Omar Jaafar Apr 4, 2024

The service here was amazing!!! The staff is so professional and know their stuff. They told me about some problems with my car but were very straightforward about what needed fixing right away vs. What I could get away with for some time. Not money grabbers like some other places I have been to. Loved the transparency. They did the work promptly and they had fair pricing. Highly recommend for any type of service you need!!

Hafsa Tanveer Apr 4, 2024

Took my car in for your standard check up! Great and quick service from the team! My Go-To spot for all car fixes

Ahmed Hussein Apr 4, 2024

I recently had my car serviced at Reliance Auto Mechanic, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with professionalism and expertise. The staff were incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to explain the issues with my car in a way that I could understand. The service was prompt, and they went above and beyond to ensure that my car was running smoothly before I left. I highly recommend Reliance Auto Mechanic to anyone in need of reliable and trustworthy automotive service.

Salem Nassif Apr 4, 2024

I went to Mo at Reliance to fix coolant issues on my Jaguar F-Pace. From the inspection to the repair process was smooth and transparent. The issue was resolved and my car has been running smoothly since then. I’ll definitely recommend.

Komolafe Oladapo Apr 4, 2024

Had to get towed here for a flat tire and I was so surprised I was in and out in less than 30 minutes! All fixed up. Nice job everyone

J. Cass Howorth Apr 4, 2024

Very detailed oriented staff, very knowledgeable, very quick and very helpful. Also the price is very good, better than dealership service, will always recommend to anyone, thanks guys for everything

Amitov Aptekar Apr 4, 2024

Been going to Reliance Auto for years and found the owner and staff are knowledgeable and professional. This location is well organized and can diagnose issues quickly and accurately. Most important was breakdown of repair costs in detail and time taken to explain the process. I appreciate good customer service and got to know the team over the years. They are a good bunch of hard working people and glad they opened a new location closer to my home :) Keep up the good work!!

Nes T. Mar 3, 2024

Brought my 2017 Rav4 for an oil change and transmission fluid change. Quick and good quality service!

Azim Meghani Feb 2, 2024

My vehicle required a replacement engine after dying on 401. We were provided with several price options, and the service was great - including regular communication.

James Jensen Feb 2, 2024

This is in my opinion the best shop I have found so far in Brampton. They gave me a price for the repair I needed with no hassle or extras. My wife dropped off my truck and they shuttled her back home without her even asking, and she was told that it was going to be 4hrs and they did it in 2hrs. Great service!

mike colucci Jan 1, 2023

On time and professional Service!!!

subash Gautam Jan 1, 2024

Reliance Auto Mechanic went above and beyond for my 2015 BMW 320i xDrive! The engine swap was a game-changer, and my car is running smoother than ever. Major props to the amazing team for their excellent service. I’m genuinely thrilled, and they absolutely deserve a solid 5-star review! 🌟

Lisa Ronalds Jan 1, 2024

Wonderful service, very professional. My car was not a easy fix and I am very pleased with the service I received!! I would highly recommend!!

elizabeth kirk mcmahon Dec 12, 2023

Very nice and honest service. Very professional job when I got my brakes done. The service itself was very fast and I would definitely recommend!

Laila El-hassan Dec 12, 2023

I was able to use accumulated points to get a discount on my bill.

Keith Moses Sep 9, 2023

Took my 2019 Outlander to Reliance Auto Mechanic for brake and caliper replacements, and I couldn't be more impressed. Moe was professional and transparent, explaining the issues clearly. The repairs were done with precision, and my car now feels like new. What sets Reliance apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They addressed all my concerns, provided maintenance tips, and their pricing was fair with no hidden fees. I highly recommend Reliance Auto Mechanic for top-notch service and a trustworthy experience. Five stars!

Daisey Lane Dec 12, 2023

I am a new customer and recently had my car safeteid then another of my car serviced for door latch repair. I must say Reliance is true to its name, very reliable. Welcoming atmosphere at the reception and dependable mechanics.

A G Dec 12, 2023

I came in to get my tires swapped and an oil change, and the service was so quick. i was in and out within an hour. booking ahead of time really helped

EF Nov 11, 2023

I was a little hesitant in the beginning because your prices are higher than average, but it is totally worth it! Very professional mechanics, top quality equipment, friendly, patient, polite, responsive girls at the reception desk. I will definitely come again. P.S. I did pre-purchase inspection of the used car. Buy confidently!

Ken Tolembek Nov 11, 2023

I highly recommend Reliance Auto Mechanic to anyone in need of automotive services. The combination of exceptional service, professionalism, timely repairs, and fair pricing makes them a standout choice. My experience was nothing short of five-star worthy, and I am grateful to have found an autoshop I can trust with my vehicle.

Ram KC Nov 11, 2023

Best mechanics in the city! I have needed to bring my car to Reliance a few times and every single visit has been wonderful! Their team is very quick, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. 100% would recommend!

Sandra Dnkha Nov 11, 2023
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