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Excellent customer service, professionalism, and honesty.
The easiest experience I have had with a mechanic. I appreciated that Mohamed took pictures of the repairs and explained what was needed. He went the extra step to ensure that my vehicle was returned to me in excellent condition. He updated me on the progress on the vehicle and provided very transparent communication. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for an honest mechanic…which is rare to find.

Jillian GeorgeMississauga, ON
Best mechanic in Brampton! Took my car from my house and saved me towing costs, sent pictures of parts that he replaced. Showed me the parts that he pulled out when I went to go pick up my car. Very trustworthy and reliable mechanic. Finished job earlier than initially scheduled. Will definitely be going back to him.

Nehal ChauhanBrampton, ON
I’d highly recommend Mohamad and the professional team at Reliance Auto. They’ve always been very accommodating, taking my car in under short notice and providing prompt reliable service at a reasonable price! Mohamad is very friendly and takes the time to explain what the issue is and the options for repair. Trustworthy and Mechanic usually don’t go in the same sentence but I trust the team at Reliance and the work they do with both my vehicles!

Was searching for a place to get my vehicle looked at and repaired. Found this place by Googling. This place had super reviews as well. I took my car and the experience was like none other. Curtis, honest and reasonable The job was completed fast and I got back my car within hours. Mohammad went out of his way to drop me home till the car was being worked on. Will be recommending this place to others for sure.

Sheheraz SamsudeenBrampton, ON
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Our Services
Brake Repair
Brakes are the most critical component of any car.

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Climate Control Systems
Climate control system requires routine flushing to ensure optimal seasonal performance.

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Electrical and Electronic
Modern cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with onboard electronics powering the numerous systems and information flow.

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Axle, CV Joint, Driveshaft
The axel, CV joint and driveshaft are vital for the high-performance of your vehicle.

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Differential Repair
Differential transfers the engine power to the wheels while adjusting wheel speeds as the car turns a corner.

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Engine Diagnostics
Diagnostics system that continually monitors engine performance, relaying information back to a central server.

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Belt & Hoses
Belts and hoses link to many of the vehicle’s internal services.

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Cooling System Repair
The cooling system is critical to the engine’s function, as it removes heat from the centre of your vehicle.

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Safety Inspection Service
Reliance Auto Mechanic is a licensed MTO Vehicle Inspection Station.

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At Reliance Auto Mechanic
Constant implementation of our services allows Reliance Auto Mechanic to maintain the position of the best auto mechanic in Brampton. We will continue to work for the benefit of our clients as we show appreciation through the quality of our services.

Best Auto Repair Services Brampton

Our company offers the best auto repair services in Brampton, ON for the most affordable price. We designed our services carefully so that we can meet the requirements of all our clients. If you choose us, you will not only get a one-time auto repair service. Instead, you will get a partner that will never fail to fix your vehicle in the most professional way.

We care about each one of our clients. Thus, we provide customized services in accordance with your car and necessities. After fixing your vehicle, we will provide you with useful maintenance tips that will keep your car in a good condition.

We founded Reliance Auto Mechanic because we needed effective solutions for our cars – services that no other local auto mechanic could offer. We decided to fill all the gaps of auto shops in the region by providing quality end-to-end auto repair services. As we progressed with our small company, we started to get more and more requests for auto services. Our customer base started to expand and we decided to enlarge our company. Now, years later, Reliance Auto Mechanic is the leading auto shop in Brampton! All our efforts paid off and now we offer a wide range of car repair services.
Our mission is to diagnose and repair absolutely every vehicle that comes to our auto shop. Whether the issue is large or small, we put maximum effort into finding the best car repair methodologies for our clients.

Our vision is to increase the safety on the roads by providing effective auto service in Brampton, ON. All the vehicles that come out of our auto shop are ready to drive safely and we consider that as a major contribution to our citizens and country.

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    At Reliance Auto Mechanic, you can access a variety of officious services for a good price. Our mechanics are experienced at fixing the interior and exterior of all types of cars.
    Auto diagnostics & car repairs brampton
    Auto diagnostics
    We will identify all the issues of your car on time by using innovative tools that detect even the slightest culprits of all vehicles.
    Auto Shop Body Repair Brampton
    Body repair
    We fix minor and major exterior issues professionally. With our outstanding body repair service and mechanic services, your car will look brand new!
    Auto Shop technical repairs brampton
    Technical repairs
    The magical hands of our mechanics and efficiency of our equipment will repair every technical problem of your car quickly and efficiently.
    Auto Shop tires and wheels repairs Brampton
    Tires and wheels
    Maintaining tires and wheels in a good condition is crucial for every car. At our auto shop, we will service these components professionally.
    Auto Shop Electrical Works Brampton
    Electrical works
    Our technicians know exactly how every wire of your vehicle should function. In case any electrical problem appears, you can contact us immediately.
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    Services FAQ’s

    What type of Services do I need?

    In order to respond to your question, our mechanics must take a look at your vehicle. With our diagnostics, we will determine the exact problem of your car and tell you which services we shall provide to you. In case you want to learn more about our services, you can read about all of them on our site. Possibly, you could find some of the symptoms of your car which may give you an idea of what services you need.

    How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

    Most manufacturers practice a 30-60-90 schedule. The numbers indicate 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles that should be the points of your car’s maintenance routine. After repairing your car, our mechanics will give you useful maintenance advice. They will tell you when you should bring your car for the next maintenance and you can also keep track by saving the date of your last and next maintenance in your reminders.

    How many hours you work daily?

    Reliance Auto Mechanics works 8 hours a day; opening at 10 a.m., closing at 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

    How do you repair cars after an accident?

    We will perform a full diagnosis of internal and external part of the vehicle. After the diagnosis, we will provide you a detailed report of all the damages of your car as well as the price for the auto repair. If you decide to repair with us, we will proceed to the replacement of damaged parts.

    Do you use modern technology?

    Yes. We constantly implement our auto repair services so introducing modern technology to our company was a huge improvement. Now, our diagnostics are quicker and more accurate and our repairs are long-lasting.

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    Auto Shop Electrical Works Brampton
    Auto Shop technical repairs brampton
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