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Differential Repair

Differential transfers the engine power to the wheels while adjusting wheel speeds as the car turns a corner. This is vital for maintaining control. Loss of differential control would result in bumpy, uncontrolled turns and could be very dangerous. At Reliance Auto, we care about your safety. As your number one auto mechanic in Caledon East, we provide affordable and quick car repair. In case your vehicle faces any difficulties, get in touch with us and order our auto service in Caledon East. With outstanding skills and experience, we will provide auto repair service immediately. At our auto shop, you will receive convenient car repair in Caledon East. In addition, you can call us to maintain your differential and other aspects of your car, such as oil change, tires repair and replacement, vehicle safety inspection and others. Reliance Auto is the best auto mechanic in Caledon East. Any of our long-term costumers will always recommend our company if you need an auto repair shop near me.

Drivers should schedule regular maintenance to review performance of the differential systems, especially if you drive on a less stable terrain. Part of the routine maintenance includes replacing differential fluid, which can help avoid unwanted noise, wearing of the gears or difficulties with the wheel bearings.

When To Look For Auto Repair Shops Near Me?

In case you notice some of the following symptoms, look for an auto mechanic in Caledon East quickly:

  • Difficulty in handling. If the differential of your car is bad or damaged, it will be difficult for you to turn the vehicle. In case you don’t order an auto repair service in Caledon East, this issue may even lead to an accident.
  • High-pitch sound. In case a differential is not lubricated properly or it’s leaking, you will keep hearing a high-pitch sound. Look for the best auto mechanic in Caledon East and let us repair your car.
  • Damaged tires. As a consequence of faulty differential, your inner tires will wear out. That happens because of the faster rotation.
  • Increasing vibrations. The driveshaft will start vibrating if the joints of your differentials face a damage. As you accelerate, the vibrations will increase; if you don’t visit a local auto mechanic in Caledon East, this issue could lead to serious consequences.

Types of Differentials

Every car contains either front differential, rear differential or both of those. Vehicles with both differentials are able to turn in different direction with the engagement of 4wd.

Following are the three most common types of differentials. Our body shop includes auto service for all the types of differentials listed below. If you need a car repair near me, all you need to do is call our auto shop. As a part of our auto repair service, we will determine the type of differentials of your vehicle. In addition, we will provide an efficient car repair in Caledon East for a good price.

1.    Open Differential

An open differential is the cheapest and most common type of all the other differentials. The role of the open differential is to allow the wheels of the vehicle to rotate at varying speeds. Cars with an open differential work best at the smooth roads. On the other hand, when the surface is rough or slippery, the vehicle may face a problem. In case your car starts experiencing problems with the open differential, you should look for our local auto mechanic immediately. We will diagnose the issue of the differential and offer an adequate auto repair service.

2.    Locking differential

A locking differential is created to overpower the open differential by providing an advanced locking mechanism. This differential locks both wheels on an axle at the same time. That way, both wheels turn in unison. In difference to an open differential, a locking differential works great on rough and slippery surfaces. Thus, it makes the car more stable and smooth. However, if a locking differential experiences an issue, it is more complex to repair than an open differential. For that reason, you need the best auto mechanic in Caledon East. Our local auto mechanic will provide you with an efficient car repair for a fair quote.

3.    Limited-slip differential

A limited-slip differential is the most advanced type. It works with an advanced gear system, as well as a differential fluid of a high performance. Out of these three types, limited-slip differential is the least common as it is mostly a part of high-end race cars. In case you own one of these, you know the importance of the safety and functionality of your vehicle. If you are looking for an auto repair near me for your limited-slip differential, reach out to us. We will take care of your car properly and provide you with the best auto repair service in Caledon East.

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