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What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

All Auto Repair vehicles require routine maintenance to ensure the optimum health of all systems and components. Maintenance minimizes the risks of more significant issues occurring, keeping your vehicle on the road for longer. All vehicles have manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules that are often critical in preserving warranties.

But, despite best efforts, cars can still break down.

Should a gasket blow, tire tread become too shallow, or wheels fall out of alignment, it may be that you need repair. Thankfully, our specialists at Reliance Auto Mechanic are the most trusted experts in Ontario, on hand to provide you with honest, reliable advice and customer service like no other. We will review the status of your vehicle, pinpoint any problem undermining performance and work quickly to fix the issue – all at an affordable price.

If you think your vehicle may require repair, maintenance or oil change service, give us a call or drop into the workshop. The team at Reliance Auto Mechanic would be delighted to help out.

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Reliance Auto Mechanic offer a range of guarantees on any service that we undertake. A certified mechanic handles every repair, examining your vehicle with the utmost care meaning you can have full confidence in the vehicle’s long-term performance.

Should anything be of concern, we will be happy to take a second look as per our service warranty.

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