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Why isn’t my new vehicle’s battery charging?

What exactly is the issue?

If you jumpstart a car battery and it won’t start, it’s likely because of something other than the battery.

That means that your car’s battery isn’t capable of maintaining a charge. But why is it the case? A variety of causes could be to blame for your dead battery.


So, why isn’t your battery holding a charge?

Failure of the alternator

When your vehicle has a bad alternator, the battery will be undercharged or depleted. Undercharged batteries have reduced capacity and starting power in comparison to fully charged ones. Consistently undercharging the alternator will drain the battery.

Battery Consumption

Most vehicle accessories, including the interior lights, GPS, radio, and Bluetooth kits, are cut off when the engine is turned off. If they are not correctly turned off, they might drain the battery.

Some devices may require a live connection to retain specific settings, resulting in an unexpected drain on the battery.

Faulty Electrical Control Unit (ECU)

Errors in the ECU might result in symptoms such as engine stalling or the Check Engine Light turning on.

Problems with the charging system may occur since the ECU controls all of the car’s electrical systems.

Batteries are the most dramatic object. Other things stop working or they break, But Batteries… They Die.

Demetri Martin

Extremes of temperature

Heat is the most prevalent cause of battery failure. Heat induces grid corrosion and grid development on the positive plate. The battery loses capacity when heat dissolves the positive wire, making it less capable of starting an engine.

faulty battery installation, as well as a lack of maintenance

  • The battery is being utilized for a purpose other than that for which it was designed.
  • The vehicle has an excessive amount of electrical equipment.
  • The battery cables have not been cleaned or adjusted to fit correctly into the battery terminals.
  • The electrical system of the vehicle has been fixed or replaced.
  • The vehicle had been in storage for quite some time.

Problems with the Wiring

Battery connections might become loose as a result of vibration while the engine is running. A damaged or loosened battery cable, on the other hand, may hinder electrical contact between the alternator and battery.

Your vehicle has been sitting for too long

Sometimes a battery will loses its charge if it has been sitting too long without running. Be sure to start your vehicle every once in a while and drive the car around your neighbourhood to charge the battery.

The battery is either too old or broken.

The lead-acid battery in a vehicle lasts 3-4 years. A battery that is too old or damaged may bulge, break and spew battery acid, or corrode. Corrosion on a battery terminal compromises the electrical connection and charging capabilities. Sulfation, which degrades the interior plates of a battery cell, can also affect older batteries.

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