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Wheel Alignments in Mississauga, ON

Wheel Alignments

If your vehicle is pulling from one side to another, or if one or more tires are showing signs of premature or uneven wear, you may need a wheel alignment. Give us a Call to get regular checks that will ensure proper wheel alignment and help you avoid costly repairs.

You may need an alignment if:

  • You need to hold onto the steering wheel to drive straight ahead
  • You’ve just changed the tires
  • You’ve been involved in a collision
  • Steering or suspension parts such as tie rods, control arms, bushings or idler arm have been changed
  • You’ve driven the first 3,000 km in a new car
  • Your front-wheel-drive car just had a trans-axial repair

Checking Sensors

We also check the steering angle sensor—a feature of many late model vehicles—that senses where you’re holding the steering wheel in relation to the wheels. The sensor works with the stability control systems, and must be reset after a wheel alignment.

Call Reliance Auto Mechanic today to ensure that your wheels are aligned as they should be!

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