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I Hereby authorize Reliance Auto Mechanic to repair my vehicle. I agree that Reliance Auto Mechanic will be entitled to $60 per day storage charges, $10 Hazard and $50 Administration fee in the event that the vehicle has not been removed from the premises within 24 hours after notification that the repairs have been completed. I agree that Reliance Auto Mechanic may hold the vehicle until payment has been made in full. I allow Reliance Auto Mechanic to test drive and inspect my vehicle. Reliance is not responsible for loss or damage of vehicles in case of fire, theft or any other cause beyond our control. Any invoice not paid within 30 Days from the date the vehicle is ready, an additional 2% will be added to the total.

A/C Terms: In order to repair an A/C leak there is a procedure the shop follows:

  1. Recover the system & charge the system with the right amount of refrigerant recommended by the manufacturer dealer.
  2. Inject the system with UV dye in order to chase and detect where the leak is coming from.
  3. The customer must take the vehicle and drive it until the vehicle loses all its cold air (refrigerant). There is no guarantee how long this will take.
  4. Then the customer should bring the car back to the shop because now we can detect where the leak is coming from. We then proceed with repairing the vehicle.

*The customer is responsible to pay for all the steps of the diagnosis and repair*

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