At Reliance Auto, we developed a cost-efficient brake repair because it is one of the most important auto repair services. The condition of your brakes determines the safety of you, your passengers as well as every person you come across while driving. As a body shop with the reputation of the best auto mechanic in Brampton, we implemented our brake repair service significantly. It is extremely important to regularly visit your local auto mechanic and complete a vehicle safety inspection. At Reliance Auto Mechanic, we offer quality brake repair for a variety of vehicles. To find us, all you need to do is look up for auto repair shops near me. In Brampton, Reliance Auto is one of the leading auto shops so you will easily find us by using GPS and searching auto mechanic near me! You can call us anytime as our auto shop is always available for you. Order brake repair service at Auto Reliance and ensure you drive safely and securely. For a good price, your auto mechanic in Brampton will provide you with an effective brake repair immediately!

When To Look For Auto Repair Shops Near Me?

Some of the issues of brake systems occur suddenly and can cause enormous damages. You should look for a local auto mechanic in Brampton for regular check-ups of your brake systems, even if you are not noticing any significant problems. However, if you notice some of the following signs, you need a car repair near me immediately:

  • The brake pedal feels soft and you must press farther to the floor than you usually do. Whether this problem appeared suddenly or the strength of your brake system got worse gradually, you need our brake repair service in Brampton.
  • Your car pulls to either right or left side when you use your brake.
  • When braking, your car makes unusual vibrations or noises.
  • Your brakes are squealing, grinding, or squeaking.
  • While you are driving, your steering wheel is moving and/or shaking.
  • Your vehicle is pulsating or wobbling during the drive, especially at highway speeds.
  • You had a vehicle safety inspection over a year or 12,000 miles ago.
  • The number of miles that the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends to make brake fluid exchange has either passed or it’s near.
  • The dashboard of your car shows the brake warning light that stays on.
  • Your car takes more time and longer distances to stop in comparison to its previous performance.
  • You need to press the brake pedal excessively in order to stop the vehicle.


Some of the Reliance Auto Mechanic brake repair services include:

Brake Inspection Brampton Auto Shop

Brake Inspection

Brakes use friction to bring a vehicle to a complete stop. This friction creates a substantial amount of heat. The first step of our brake repair auto service is inspect the brakes of your car. Our car mechanic will measure the front and rear brake pad wear; measure the rotor wear and drum wear; complete a brake fluid test, and/or complete the parking/emergency brake inspection. After determining the problem of the brakes, we will apply an adequate brake repair service.

Brake Rotor Replacement Brampton Auto Repair Shop

Brake Rotor Replacement

Your brake system’s rotors, in conjunction with the brake pads, help bring your vehicle to a complete stop. If your car starts wobbling or pulsating while you are driving, the brake rotors of your car are probably worn or warped and we can fix that with our brake repair service in Brampton! Our car mechanic will inspect your brake rotors and then replace the faulty parts precisely.

Front Disc Brake Repair Brampton auto Mechanic

Front Disc Brake Repair

In the brake systems of modern vehicles, disc brakes are used in both the front and rear of the vehicle. Front disc contains rotors, brake pads, calipers, and hydraulic components. As your best auto mechanic in Brampton, Reliance Auto will identify the problem of the front disc of your car and then apply adequate car repair service or completely replace the front disc of your brake system.

Parking Brake Adjustment Brampton Car Repair Shop

Parking Brake Adjustment

Your parking brake, also known as emergency brake, is responsible for locking your vehicle, whether it has a disc brake system or a drum brake system. The cables of parking brakes tend to become less effective with age and that is why you need our auto repair service in Brampton. As a part of our brake repair, we will adjust your parking brake rapidly and ensure your brake system does not feel the consequences of aging.

Rear Disc Brake Repair Brampton Auto Mechanic

Rear Disc Brake Repair

A variety of brake systems utilize disk brakes, located in the rear of a vehicle. Some of the parts of the disc brake system are brake pads, rotors and calipers.  Due to heat and fraction that braking creates naturally, the rear disc brakes gradually wear and need a brake repair service. As the best auto mechanic in Brampton, Reliance Auto provides affordable auto service that includes a brake repair or complete replacement of the rear disc.

Rear Drum Brake Repair brampton car mechanic

Rear Drum Brake Repair

There is a great difference in the performance of the rear drum brakes and front disc brakes. Rear drum brakes feature a backing plate that houses brake shoes. Additionally, the brake shoes cause drum friction and fixate the wheel upon depressed brakes. If your brakes are unresponsive or “soft” while you are depressing the pedal, there is a high chance that certain components of the brake system need brake repair or replacement. If you are looking for affordable brake repair in Brampton, Reliance Auto is definitely the best auto mechanic you could find.