Warning Signs of Steering Wheels Problems and Solutions From The Experts

You may think that the steering system is simple and taken for granted. This might be true on the surface. However, steering system problems may indicate problems not only in the steering system itself, but also may indicate problems and warning signs in the engine, brakes, tires, air or water leakage or broken tubes, and many other vehicle mechanic parts.

What if the steering wheel is hard to turn while driving?

Do you feel that you are lifting weights every turn while driving? This could be a hazardous problem for you, passengers with you, and passing vehicles or pedestrians. 

This is might be because of:

  • The power steering fluid may be low.
  • the power steering pump may have failed.
  • Problems with the steering wheel system.
  • Problems with the steering rack. 
  • heat or losing hydraulic pressure
  • Problems with  power steering pressure sensor 


But what if it’s almost impossible to turn the steering wheel while the vehicle is parked and the key won’t ignite? Don’t panic! This is a safety feature to prevent thieves from hotwiring your vehicle. Simply turn the steering wheel left and right while turning the key in the ignition.

If this did not solve the problem, then you should call your mechanic.

Does your steering wheel vibrate? While accelerating or making a turn you might feel the steering wheel vibrate, sometimes you might feel this shaking when you are driving on a straight road. A vibrating steering wheel may indicate other problems not related to the steering system:

  • Warped brake rotors or other brake problems.  (Check out: Brake Rotors: Reuse or Replace blog.
  •  misalignment or unbalanced tires.
  • sticking brake caliper 
  • problem with the suspension
  • Engine problems


Do you hear strange screeching noises, squeals, and whines while turning?

  • Low power steering fluid
  • lack of lubrication in the steering system
  •  bad ball joints
  • worn tie rods
  • faulty steering belt
  • worn-out CV joints


Does your steering wheel pull to one side? While driving on a straight road you may notice that the vehicle is pulling to the left or to the right. This  one side drifting might indicate an issue of: 

  • Problem with tire air pressure
  • Problem with brakes.
  • power steering failure


Does the steering wheel slip while driving and can’t hold it in the right position? Or do you feel it’s loose and has extra movement and wandering? Slipping or a loose steering wheel is not less dangerous than a tight steering wheel. This could be because of: 

  • steering linkages might be loose
  • steering gear might be worn out
  • wrong  caster angle
  • the tie rods may be worn out


Do you see red or pink fluid on the garage floor under your vehicle? Well, it’s a problem by itself:  

  • broken gasket
  • other mechanical issues


Have you noticed foaming or discolored power steering fluid? Check if the:

  • the power steering pump is leaking
  • air or water enters the steering system


If you notice these symptoms while driving, don’t gamble, ignoring any of these problems could cause an accident that may not be covered by your car insurance company. Call  905 457 6550,  Reliance Auto Mechanic for inspection and repair. A guarantee you trustworthy repairs for the best prices, and the best auto repair services in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville & Toronto. Get your steering system safety inspections done today! We offer multiple services like oil change, brake service, and tire replacements. You won’t need to go anywhere else!