Since 1996, every vehicle includes an onboard diagnostics system that continually monitors engine performance, relaying information back to a central server. If the ‘check engine’ dashboard light illuminates, it is vital you seek expert mechanical advice. Similarly, rough idling, frequent stalling, or unstable acceleration may also be signs that you need to visit a car repair mechanic. At our local auto mechanic, we will run an effective engine diagnostics performance test. Our auto service will identify the exact nature of the problem, allowing the car mechanic to find the right solution.

Frequent performance tests can also surface further unidentified issues – such as ageing spark plugs, issues with belts and hoses, or excessive emission production. You should fixthese problems with our auto repair service before facing further consequences. Just look up for an auto repair near me and we will diagnose the performance of your vehicle’s engine. Such tests of will work wonders in extending the health and life of your car’s engine, as well as saving you expensive mechanical bills in the future. If you are looking for a quality car repair near me, Reliance Auto has a local auto mechanic that is always at your service.

When To Look For Auto Repair Shops Near Me?

The check engine light will appear once you need an auto repair near me urgently. When you see that light, call our local auto mechanic immediately. The issue may be serious and could bring enormous consequences if you don’t order our auto service quickly. With a regular maintenance of your car, you shouldn’t experience major engine issues. However, if you don’t order our vehicle safety inspection regularly, your engine may become worn and problematic. Following are some of the signs that may indicate a faulty engine:

  • Slow-cranking. Internal problems of the engine will automatically lead to slow-cranking. In that case, find the best auto mechanic in Brampton and let us repair the engine of your car. Our experienced technicians will provide an effective car repair for a good price. After our auto repair service, you will no longer have problems with slow-cranking.
  • Rough idling. Your engine should run smoothly and without any problems. However, once you notice rough idling, it is time to look for auto shops near me. Due to a misfiring engine, rough idling could seriously affect the performance of your car. With our car repair, we will fix your engine completely.
  • Your car may stall because of the over-fueling. At our local auto mechanic, we will diagnose this issue by using advanced equipment necessary for quality engine diagnostics performance.

Why You Should Choose Reliance Auto Mechanic?

Reliance Auto Mechanic offers the best car repair in Brampton for a good price. We will take care of your car completely; whether you need repair or replacement of belts and hoses; oil change; tires replacement; vehicle safety inspection or you simply want to visit our body shop – we are available for you. With a team of professional technicians and great equipment, Reliance Auto is the best auto mechanic company in Brampton. To reach out to us, you need to look for a quality auto shop repair near me. We are more than happy to offer you our auto service!

Your best auto mechanic in Brampton offers:

  • Affordable car repair prices, suitable for all customers in Brampton.
  • Experienced mechanics with advanced skills in auto repair service.
  • Quick and efficient car repair in Brampton.
  • Comprehensive auto repair services. Offering a wide range of effective car repairs.
  • Long-term collaboration. You can call our local auto mechanic whenever you need our car repair service. We will gladly assist you all year round.
  • Innovative equipment that serves us perfectly to repair every car that comes to our auto shop.
  • Regular maintenance service for the best price in Brampton. We will maintain your engine in a good condition at all times.
  • Accurate diagnostics. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing problems of your car’s engine. We will check your vehicle carefully and find the exact issue of your car.


Some of the Reliance Auto Mechanic engine diagnostics performance services include:

Engine Diagnostics Brampton best vehicle mechanic

Engine Diagnostics

The OBD System, or On-Board Diagnostics System, was originally installed to monitor vehicle emissions, but it also detects problems. We will diagnose all the problems of your engine with our auto service in Brampton. For a good price, we will detect all the weak points of your car’s engine. We recommend you to order our mechanic near me service and bring your car to our auto shop frequently. With a well-maintained engine, your car will always be at its top performance.

Engine Tune-Up brampton best car mechanic

Engine Tune-Up

Engine tune up used to take a lot more time from a car mechanic. Today, with advanced technology and skillful mechanics, engine tune-up is an easy task, especially for our local auto mechanic. We will tune up your engine in Brampton for an affordable price and short time period. All you need to do is look for an auto mechanic in Brampton and Reliance Auto will take care of your engine completely.