Modern cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with onboard electronics powering the numerous systems and information flow. With the advancement in electrical and electronic systems, the requirement for quality mechanic near me service has increased as well. Everyone needs a capable car mechanic to take care of their cars and so do you! As a body shop with the reputation of the best auto mechanic in Brampton, we implemented our brake electrical and electronic services significantly. It is extremely important to regularly visit your local auto mechanic and complete a vehicle safety inspection. At Reliance Auto Mechanic, we offer quality electrical and electronic services for a variety of vehicles. To find us, all you need to do is look up for auto repair shops near me. In Brampton, Reliance Auto is one of the leading auto shops so you will easily find us by using GPS and searching auto mechanic near me! You can call us anytime as our auto shop is always available for you. Order our auto repair service at Auto Reliance and ensure you drive safely and securely. For a good price, your auto mechanic in Brampton will provide you with effective electrical and electronic services immediately!

When To Look For Auto Repair Shops Near Me?

Electrical and electronic problems are usually very easy to detect. Some component of your car will simply stop working or work poorly. In case that happens, you need to look for a car repair near me. At Reliance Auto Mechanic, we will provide you with our auto repair service for the best price in Brampton. All you need to do is get in touch with our body shop. Following are some of the symptoms of faulty electrical and electronic systems:

  • The engine won’t start. In order to start properly, your engine needs electrical power. In case it is not starting properly, the battery, alternator or other electronic components could be faulty. Our auto service includes diagnosis and auto repair of the entire electric and electronic systems.
  • Your car is experiencing frequent battery problems. You may think that the solution is to simply replace the battery but that’s not always the case. If there is a problem with your electrical system, no matter what battery you use, it will still not work properly.
  • Lights are not working properly. The electrical system controls all the lights of your car. Therefore, if there is an internal problem, your lights will start to dim. In that case, look for a mechanic near me and we will gladly the electronics of your car.
  • You can smell the electrical insulation or burning plastic. In this case, you need to stop your car immediately. Call the mechanic near me and we will let you know if you should drive your car to our local auto mechanic or it is not safe to start the engine.


Some of the Reliance Auto Mechanic electrical and electronic services include:

Dashboard Warning Diagnostic Brampton

Dashboard Warning Diagnostic

The dashboard warning system is an effective tool that alerts you to one or more problems with your vehicle. If the dashboard is not working properly, you will not be alert of anything that’s happening with your car and that could be extremely dangerous. At our auto shop, we diagnose the problem of your dashboard quickly. In addition, we will offer you an affordable auto repair in Brampton. With our auto service, you will always know what is happening with your car and be aware of all the warnings.

Headlight Bulb Replacement Brampton Car repair and maintenance

Headlight Bulb Replacement

Headlight bulbs provide visibility for drivers and alert both pedestrians and other motorists to a vehicle’s presence. Apart from risking to receive a costly ticket for malfunctioning headlights, you can put at risk yourself and everyone around your car. Our local auto mechanic shop contains a wide range of headlight bulbs. With the auto repair service near me, we will replace all the necessary bulbs in a minute.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Repair Brampton Auto Body Shop

Interior & Exterior Lighting Repair

Many modern vehicles are equipped with a wide selection of interior and exterior lights for the convenience and safety of occupants. At our body shop, we master several methodologies for lightning repair. Find Reliance Auto Mechanic car shop near me and we will repair all the interior and exterior lights of your vehicle for a good price.

Power Locks Repair Brampton Auto Mechanic

Power Locks Repair

Since being introduced in 1914, power door locks have increased convenience and safety for drivers and passengers. As a part of our auto repair service, we will fix all the power locks of your car at our auto shop. With our auto service, we will increase the safety levels of your car and keep you free of worries.

Power Sunroof Repair Brampton Auto Body Shop

Power Sunroof Repair

The sunroof is a horizontal panel, usually made of glass, located on a vehicle’s roof. Primarily, sunroofs provide personal enjoyment. In addition, the sunroof can save you from using a/c by simply letting the air flow through the cabin. In case this component faces an issue, our auto repair service can fix it quickly. Drive your car to our auto shop and our car mechanic will repair the power sunroof quickly!

Power Window Repair Brampton Auto Mechanic

Power Window Repair

Power windows were introduced in 1940 as a revolutionary electrical improvement for vehicles. They serve to easily open the windows but they frequently face power issues. At our local auto mechanic shop, we will repair the power window for you with our innovative tools and equipment. Reliance Auto Mechanic provides beneficial auto service so we will fix all the components of your car for the best price in Brampton.